Where the Wild Things Are by Ronnyl Bulahan

A solo exhibition of Ronnyl Bulahan
1 April – 15 May 2016


Ronnyl Bulahan "Bike Parade" Acrylic on canvas 2016 48x72 inches
Ronnyl Bulahan “Bike Parade”
Acrylic on canvas 2016 48×72 inches

The series of works are mainly explorations of my style and capability of my imagination. The works focused on the theme identity. Specifically, it concentrates on people’s personalities. Each painting’s subjects, composition, colors, and other elements are based on people’s personality and traits. The subjects of the works are the people I know who influenced my life and people I find hard to deal with.

Ronnyl Bulahan "Untitled 1" Acrylic on canvas 2016 48x32 inches
Ronnyl Bulahan “Untitled 1” Acrylic on canvas 2016 48×32 inches

Using playful images mainly inspired by animal figures, insects and other oddly beings and different elements of art, I transformed the specific individual into an imaginary creature based on its personality.
The paintings are all done using acrylics. The style of these works recapture my imagination when I was still a child. I used lots of colors, especially the bright ones to highlight acceptance of self and not to be depressed with struggles of being who you are. I also applied symbolisms through the random objects i used in my artworks. I made the images playful because I want the viewer to feel a sense of wonder and to emphasize that we must not take life seriously.

Ronnyl Bulahan "Survival of the Fittest" (Gallery shot) Ink on paper 2016 A3 (85 drawings)
Ronnyl Bulahan
“Survival of the Fittest” (Gallery shot) Ink on paper 2016 A3 (85 drawings)