Untitled by Rock Drilon

13 March – 15 April, 2016
A solo exhibition of Rock Drilon

Rock Drilon’s Untitled , Casa Real Iloilo

Untitled makes art easier to understand. Somehow when you see a painting you seek an explanation on its title. For an average audience, this is almost a reflex. Rock Drilon’s Untitled breaks this by not defining his art and letting the viewer experience it on their own – empty of assumptions and devoid of preconception.

Rock Drilon during the opening of his Untitled Exhibit.

The show includes eight untitled artworks that provokes pondering. Some lines meet and some does not which seemed like a path for the audience eyes. Some shades float on space of darkness and white creating suspense, anticipation and strain. Some colors brightly drip joining a pool of their own in disturbed harmony. Circles and squares become one like two differences that unite. Loops curve fluidly and meet where there is no end, much like the interpretion on the audience’s mind.

During the opening of Rock Drilon’s Untitled , Casa Real Iloilo

Rock Drilon is one of Iloilo’s proud son who made huge contribution in contemporary art. On April 2015 he had his show in UPV Art Gallery. http://iloiloart.com/rock-drilon-recent-paintings-the-iloilo-period

During the opening of Rock Drilon”s Untitled, Casa Real Iloilo

Untitled is one of the series of pre-event shows drawing to the anticipated art biennale, ViVa Excon 2016 in Iloilo City on 17 – 20 November 2016. The exhibit runs from 13 March to 13 April at Casa Real Gallery.

The Casa Real Gallery backroom is home to the Iloilo Visual Artists Collective (IVAC) and to a hundred paintings from IVAC members consigned to the gallery.

Casa Real Gallery is open from Tuesday- Saturday, 10 AM- 6 PM.