Collective Conversations by Liby Norman Limoso

Collective Conversations
A solo exhibition of Liby Limoso

20 May – 15 June 2016
Ilonggo Artist Tells Suguidanun Mythology through Visual Art

Liby Limoso and his works for Collective Conversations
Liby Limoso and his works for Collective Conversations

Collective Conversations is a visual art exhibition at the Casa Real Gallery, featuring derivative works of Suguidanun Panay Mythology. It showcases fourteen paintings of both abstract and figures.

The artist, Liby Limoso has been researching about the Suguidanon Mythology. He aims to share thru visual arts what he has learned about the epic that has been passed on for generations thru chants, and prose.

Limoso is a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Philippines Diliman and a recipient of the
Dominador CastaƱeda Award for best thesis. He also finished Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently the program head of the University of San Agustin Fine Arts, and an instructor
at the Central Philippine University, Digital Media and Interactive Arts.

Collective Conversations is one of the series of exhibitions leading to Visayas Islands Visual Arts Exhibition and Conferences (VIVA ExCon) on 17-21 November 2016. The exhibit runs from 20 May 2016 – 15 June 2016.

Casa Real Gallery is open from Tuesday – Sunday, 10 AM – 6 PM.