Aggregate Abundances by Bryan Liao

21 May – 30 June 2016
A solo exhibition of Bryan Liao


Bryan Liao "Not Because. But, In The Very Least." & "I Am Aggregately Abundant." 2016 Mixed Media 3ft x 3ft
Bryan Liao “Not Because. But, In The Very Least.” & “I Am Aggregately Abundant.” 2016 Mixed Media 3ft x 3ft

Hung here are eight hexagon assemblies. Each underwent the the same process of assembly, but is more identified with each block that comprise them. Looking up closely, individual pieces form and add up to create the whole of the hexagonal piece, implying also the implications of Aggregate Abundances to the unique individual who has unique attributes, unique experiences and unique flaws. These “flaws” do not put the person at a disadvantage, but confirms and reaffirms one’s ability, appropriateness and overall reality to being oneself – true and unpretending; accepting, acknowledging and not denying, not evasive nor insincere. These unique qualities, no matter how eccentric or how seemingly negative or seemingly positive, contribute to creating the pieces which you see. They make up the whole, and while the whole is completed, the individual in return, is provided a sense of belongingness, a place in community.

Bryan Liao "One Should Be, But One Is Always Enough." Mixed Media 2016 3ft x 3ft
Bryan Liao “One Should Be, But One Is Always Enough.” 2016 Mixed Media 3ft x 3ft

There are pieces or individuals which we cannot entirely fathom their purpose nor their beauty by looking at them in their most obvious sense. But with light that shines absolute, their truest faces are acknowledged and seen. So plainly we take things for granted. So plainly we take people for granted. But if light were shone onto them which is given focus to their lowest, humblest points, their belongingness is truly magnified in the shadows. How different we all may seem with such glaring, plain, absolute light. But now, how common we can be, how similar we actually are by looking at our same shadows. It is a double-edged sword; a flaw, some may see, this similarity – as we may be prone to have the same blemish, capable of the same faults. But aren’t we all consisting of distinct Aggregate Abundancesexperiences, idiosyncratic relationships and characteristic attributes? Am I not fully equipped to face what lies with such qualities despite such blemish and such inadequacy?

Bryan Liao "I Am. But Still, I Can." Mixed Media 2016 3ft x 3ft
Bryan Liao “I Am. But Still, I Can.” 2016 Mixed Media 3ft x 3ft

In aggregation, the assemblage of various blocks confirms the harmony we keep in the community, the harmony also in all our experience and the relationships we have with the people we know – whether closely with affection or the opposite. Despite such points of weakness in the whole, the pieces still confirms the completeness of the harmony. The strength of the structure of the hexagon is proven even in nature – one example is the honeycomb – by which this artist’s inspiration came from. A symbol of the Father’s promise of a land flowing of milk and honey; a symbol of abundance. Overall, Aggregate Abundances suggest that there is humble abundance despite such shortcomings, such blemish; suggests that every individual – distinctly identified be it with or with out blemish contributed to the abundance of the whole. One shouldn’t be discounted despite such humble benefaction. The whole shouldn’t be discounted due to its faults. Aggregately, one is enough – with all the experiences we went through good and bad, and because of that i am adequately equipped to pursue. Aggregately, we hold such abundant potential, it is only how we think that prevents us.