NTT by Joon Claudio

Playing the Music of the Earth thru Visual Art Giving voice to the Earth is a mystery that only a chosen few have uncovered, for it requires different level of listening. Some echoes nature through music, some through visual art; but for Joon Claudio he does both. Voices of ‘NTT’ In his recent show ‘NTT’, […]

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Aggregate Abundances by Bryan Liao

21 May – 30 June 2016 A solo exhibition of Bryan Liao ARTIST’S NOTES: Hung here are eight hexagon assemblies. Each underwent the the same process of assembly, but is more identified with each block that comprise them. Looking up closely, individual pieces form and add up to create the whole of the hexagonal piece, implying also the implications of Aggregate Abundances to the unique […]

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Where the Wild Things Are by Ronnyl Bulahan

A solo exhibition of Ronnyl Bulahan 1 April – 15 May 2016 ARTIST’S NOTES The series of works are mainly explorations of my style and capability of my imagination. The works focused on the theme identity. Specifically, it concentrates on people’s personalities. Each painting’s subjects, composition, colors, and other elements are based on people’s personality and traits. The subjects of the works are the people […]

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Untitled by Rock Drilon

13 March – 15 April, 2016 A solo exhibition of Rock Drilon Untitled makes art easier to understand. Somehow when you see a painting you seek an explanation on its title. For an average audience, this is almost a reflex. Rock Drilon’s Untitled breaks this by not defining his art and letting the viewer experience it on their own – empty of assumptions and […]

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Tubok by Kinno Florentino

28 February to 10 March, 2016 A solo exhibition by Kinno Florentino Driven with passion to see a future where Ilonggos embody their cultural roots, artist Kinno Florentino will open his first solo exhibition, Tubok, featuring clothing, accessories and artworks inspired by Panay Bukidnon at the Casa Real Gallery, with a fashion show and reception on February 28, Sunday, […]

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Taym Pers by Cheska Sarmon

A solo exhibition of Cheska May Dongor Sarmon 27 February – 26 March 2016 Artist’s statement I created a series of painting that represents my memories. Each painting uses an autobiographical image of myself and the people whom I shared my innocent days with. The four “4×4” paintings are well executed into a diamond shape and my two “4×6” paintings where I put multiple […]

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